This is a blog dedicated to advice you on how to come closer with your cat by understanding its needs and by interpeting its “enigmatic” behaviours.By following this blog you will be provided with tips on how to improve your feline friend’s life and make it the happiest cat in the world!

About the Author

I chose to create Pretty Fluffy Paws blog because of my love and passion for cats. I am used to living with many cats since I was a baby, and I always regarded them as a part of my family. When I was a child, I had up to 10 cats and my hands were full of cat scratches as I used to play with them all the time. Now, I am left with “only” three but adorable and playful cats, Bella, Kostakis and Garfield.

By writing in this blog, I promise you to provide tips and advice on how to create a correct and beautiful relationship with your lovies based on my personal fluffy experience, and of course to immerse you in the magical world of cats, always in the sweetest way possible!

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