Meowing is the normal communicative cat behavior.Tips to understand your cat’s language.

Every cat owner knows that one of the ways that cats use to communicate more frequently with us, is meowing. Although, this communicative cat behavior can be found in all cats, every single meow can convey a different message.

Read my tips to understand what your feline friend wants to tell you with its cute voice.

As you know, there is not only one type of meowing, but on the contrary, your cat has developed the ability to adapt its meowing to get from you specific responses. Let’s look at some cat tips that will help you to interpret the felines’ communication behavior, and the different types of meoooow:

  • When cats are hungry, their  meowing is insistent, prolonged, and repetitive. This type of meowing is traditionally a kitten’s communication behavior,  that grabs the attention of the mother cat.
  • A short meow that is repeated after a bit of time, or as a response, while you talk to your cat, might be a sign of real communication. Your cat might adopt this behavior and this kind of meowing because it simply wants to talk to you.
  • Other times, a meow is accompanied by cat purring… This cat behavior is a sign that let you know, that your cat is happy to see you, and it can also be a greeting.

In this video, you will see my cat Garfield that is very “hungry” as always,demanding food: πŸ˜›


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