Spiteful cat behavior? Read my cat tips to get informed about what it might mean.


Cats don’t know what it means to spite someone, nor would be able to act voluntarily to punish people by naughty cat behavior. Felines can’t do such complex thoughts at all.
…so, why our cats tend to be a little … or very naughty sometimes??? Read my cat tips, that might help you understand the reasons that made your cat adopting a spiteful  behavior.

For example, it is typical for a cat to urinate or defecate on the carpet, even if you have cleaned its litter box. Also a cat might break objects inside the living room (my cats do that!!😠), or bite your couch. Although there are several totally different  reasons that might lead cats to adopt this annoying behavior, most of the times, your cat wants to send you a specific message.

 A medical problem

It could be a cat health problem for example that causes pain to the cat during urinating, so that the cat subconsciounsly associates the pain with the litter box. Therefore, it tries to do its “business” in another place, to asses if it would feel less pain.

Uncomfortable cats

Sometimes  cats adopt a strange behavior when they feel uncomfortable by some events or incidents like by the presence of a new member in the house. (ex. baby or another pet)

Cats that damage the house

If your “naughty”cat attacks at your feet or at house objects, it probably demands more attention, cuddling and food.

I hope that my cat tips helped you to make a little sense of your fluffy friend’s enigmatic behavior.πŸ’• Watch also  this video of very spiteful cat behavior that will make you laugh.☜



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