If a cat has not cuddly behavior, it doesen’t mean that it loves you less.


Don’t feel disappointed or betrayed from your cat if it doesn’t like cuddles and caresses from you or if it has a more shy cat behavior. The signs that a cat loves you are so many!!! Here are a few cat tips to recognize them:

  1. You will be greeted at the door. My cat knows the time when my dad is about to return home from work and it goes to sit behind the main door in order to greet him.
  2. It follows you around the house.“Hey you! What are you doing?” “Are you going to take a shower?” “Well. I will just sit here, next to you…ok?” THIS IS LOVE. ❀
  3. It tolerates your affection. If your cat for example lets you kiss it, even though it clearly doesn’t like it. Consider its kind behavior as a victory!
  4.  It brings you gifts. Cats love to give gifts. The most popular ones are mice and birds, but also lizards and worms. It depends on what they find actually. πŸ˜›
  5. It shows you its belly. The belly of a cat is the most vulnerable part of its body. So, this cat behavior  means that your cat trusts you.
  6. It comes to pick you up. For example, if you are in bed for too long, it comes up to you and starts meowing, until you decide to get up.
  7. It wants to come into your bedroom. Especially when the door is closed and it starts meowing loudly until you decide to let it come in.
  8.  It massages you with its front paws or in other words it makes dough. Dough is a behavior adopted by baby kittens who want to stimulate milk from their mothers’ breasts. So if your cat does this to you, it means that it believes that you are its mother and adores you.
  9. Direct eye contact. Did you know that cats are seeking for a direct eye contact, only with people they love?
  10. It doesn’t bite you. (Don’t consider this kind cat behavior to be so obvious.)
  11. It nibbles you. Playfully biting is a  sign of love and affection.

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