Common mistakes we do that cause a strange cat behavior, and cat tips to avoid them.

Are you really sure that you know exactly how to make your cat’s life better? Read below my tips  to find out how to ensure the happiest possible life for your fluffy friend and correct any bad habbits that cause negative cat behaviour.

 1. A behavior that it’s better to be avoided because it irritates your cat, is to speak very loudly. Despite of damaging your cat’s hearing, it’s inconvenient to shoot “NOOO” to teach your cat that it shouldn’t do certain things. Indeed, a cat is able to include only a limited amount of words but it is useless to raise your voice because such an attitude contributes to further frustrate your cat and makes it repeat its wrong cat behavior.

2. Special attention should be given to food. We tend to avoid to give to our cats wet food because cat dry food is more practical since it doesn’t leave food residues in our cat’s dish that we should clean up, and also  it doesn’t leave any odor in the house. However, the body of the cat, having evolved in the desert, it is structured in such a way to get fluids from the preys. Due to the fact that cat was used to not be able to drink water for some time, its body tended to take the necessary liquids from food. A good tip to remember, is to remember to give to your cat a portion of wet food. In this way, you eliminate typical urinary problem that your cat might often faces. However, you should always pay attention to the overall amount of food that you give to your cat and always follow the advice of the veterinarian.

3. Another wrong behavior is to expect our cats to obey or respond to our commands in the same way as dogs. Cat behavior is completely different from dog behavior. A dog   is less independent than a cat and more obedient to its owner. Therefore,an important tip you should keep in mind, is to avoid forcing your cat cat in any way to do certain things we want it to do, and to follow its natural inclinations.

4. One of the most common incorrect behaviors is the tendency to rarely clean the cat’s litter box. Although you might use an absorber or air fresheners to get rid of the bad odors, your cat is still able to perceive them and due to that it might adopt strange and annoying behavior, such as urinating in your bathroom basin or in your sink.


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