Cat behavior patterns reflect happiness. Tips to recognize if your lovie is happy.

The best tip for understanding if your lovie is happy is to observe its cat behavior and interpret the following typical signs of a happy feline.

Nice to see you

It is a typical behavior of a feline that  is happy to see you, to place its tail upwards,while the maximum in terms of happiness is a tail upright and with a little curl at the end.

Also, a happy cat’s ears are always erect and eyelids might be slightly lowered.As you might have notice, your cat also shows you its affection by rubbing its face and body against you and by purring a lot.

Happy and talkative

Cats tell us all with their behavior and of course with long meow conversations. Generally, a tip to analyze its language, is by taking into consideration, the sound of the meowing. For example, the highest sounds mean “happy” while more serious and soft sounds can mean frustration. A quiet cat can express with its silent behavior either happiness or discomfort. What a mess! I know…but that’s  why we love so much our enigmatic fluffy friends.

Happy and relaxed

As we said, a cat with its behavior can reflect clearly…or not so clearly, its happiness. So, a cat that is happy and relaxed, rests with the front legs folded,its ears forward and its eyes sleepy. This behavior means “I am happy and sleepy…zzZ ” Also, another tip to understand if your cat is happy and relaxed, is to look in its eyes and observe if it will respond to your look with a slow blink of its eyes. This common cat behavior is a sign of real pleasure.

Another tip to make sure that your cutie is very happy and relaxed, is to cuddle it and notice if it will begin to move its paws like it kneads something or like it massages you. This is a common behavior of a kitten when it suckles from its mother’s breast,and with its paws tries to stimulate milk flow.So this movement is also associated with pleasure.

Happy and playful

Playing is a cat behavior that signifies, above all, joy. Any carefree playing,or fighting with legs is a sign that your cat has a good time.Cats not only play with objects but also with other animals and people they trust. A last cat tip to remember, if you want to understand if your cat is in a playful mood, is to observe it when it is on your side. If it starts to slightly shake its tail,it wants to say “I’m ready to play!”

My fluffy cuteness, Bella in a relaxed and playful disposition! β™‘β€’β™‘


2 thoughts on “Cat behavior patterns reflect happiness. Tips to recognize if your lovie is happy.

  1. Excellent post my friend. This is so true. Shoko get’s on my pillow at night and creeps down the pillow to purr in my ear. I pet her and she is in heaven…her purr gets louder and she stretches against my hand. This is the only time she gets overwhelmed with passion. I think she’s shy showing her affection.


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    1. Thank you so much Jean! Your cat is so cute!!Awwwβ™‘β™‘ I have three cats and each of them has a different personality. The one that I have uploaded, Bella has the most outspoken and playful personality and adores people’s caresses. When i massage its head and neck it purrs very loudly. While my other two cats are more distant and shy and show their happiness more discreetly.

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