What if your cat brings you unexpectable “gifts”? Explanation of this common cat behavior and tips.

  • Receiving as a gift from your cat a hunted prey might not be so pleasant,but it’s an instinctive cat behavior  that underlines its desire to take care of you. 

You should therefore appreciate this symbolic gesture without offending your feline friend.These cat tips tell you how:

Cats who are still living in the house probably will never bring strange “gifts” to their owners. But those used to enter and leave the house will try.This experience is not one that we hope when we adopt a cat.However, as we love our cat,we should learn to manage its behavior very tactfully and make the best of a bad situation.

Your cat shows affection by taking care of you

A cat gift is almost always a small dead animal (bird,mouse,lizard etc.), that consists the perfect prey for a cat. However, cat hunting behavior is not driven by needs. Therefore, the hunted animal is “a kind gift” to the cat’s owner. What is important for cat owners to know for hunting is that it is an instictive behavior among cats, while this instinct is particularly strong among sterilized cats,to express their maternal instinct by taking care of you.It might not be pleasant to wake up and find in front of your door or even worse on  your bed such “gifts”,but from a cat’s point of view is a repeating action of what a mother cat did when its kitten haven’t  learned yet,the techniques of hunting.Therefore, this “kind” behavior should not receive rudeness.

Tips on how to behave

The best tip that you have to follow, is to appreciate the symbolic significance of your cat’s gesture and get rid of the little corpse without offending your cat’s vanity.

1. Just find the gift, and praise your fluffy friend: you can be sure that the “hunter” will be nearby,if not directly sitting and waiting you close to its prey.

2. Pick up the “corpse”: but get rid of it by throwing it away, just when your cat will not stand watching .

3. Don’t scold your cat: Your cat can’t understand the reason for your angry behavior when it arrives with a prey in the mouth. So the best tip I can offer you, is to understand that hunting is an instictive cat behavior and that you should not blame your cute friend for that.


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