The happiest cat behavior is playing. Cat tips to keep your cat entertained!

Playful cat behavior ❤

It’s not enough to feed your fluffy friend with quality food to be a good host! To really make your cat happy , you should encourage  your lovie’s playful cat behavior by offering it constant stimuli, mental and physical.

Read some cat tips for easy made at home cat toys  and important tips to take into consideration when playing with your cutie. You will see that the daily playing will strengthen the bond of mutual respect and trust between you and your cat. Remember that cats are predators. Inwardly, your sweet kitten is a hunter, ready to launch the attack! We always talk about a “cute” attack and not a very aggressive behavior, as your cat only wants to play; however it is also important to help it discharge its aggression. In other words, playing with your cat will help you appease, tranquilize, and entertain your cat.You could plenty of tips for unique and challenging cat toys, but even a pair of rolled-up socks, a string or a ball, can make your cat, playing like crazy. Cats love to attack and to grab with its paws everything that dangles. You will see that it will be very funny to observe the cat playful behavior, and this will also help you to strengthen further your bond with your cat.

The most important cat tip to keep in mind, is to avoid leaving your cat playing alone with home objects because it might accidentally ingest a piece of string or a skein of a sock. However, it is a very common and inescapable situation to leave your  feline friend for some hours alone, when you are in work or college, but that should not raise any concern. The only tip you need to remember, is to give to your cat some “safe” toys with which it can play care-freely for several hours. For example, a cardboard box would be an amazing toy, as your cat will enjoy  to get in, to jump on, or to rub against the box. Even better, another cat tip, is to put an elastic mouse or any other ready-made cat toy in the internal of the box, and let your cat to live the ultimate playing experience. What is also important , is to remember to change often your cat’s toys, so it will not get used to see everyday the same stuff and adopt an apathetic behavior . The cat scratch door hanger is a perfect tool that appeases your cat’s aggression, and prevent it from finding many nice ruts on your furniture and on your couch. Of course, the cat will enjoy more than everything, to spend playing time with you. So, if you are able, manage to dedicate daily at least 10-15 minutes of your time, to encourage this healthy and precious cat behavior. Follow these tips and you will see your cat growing happier and more sociable! 🐱 🐾 🐾

See how excited is my kitty Bella with her new toys  !

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