Mother cat behavior. A kitty that talks to her baby kittens will melt your heart. (Video)

Cats have their own way and cat behavior to talk to each other. Today, I don’t have much to say, I will just let you see this cute and precious video of a good mother cat that talks to her adorable kittens, in the sweetest way. Cats are such blessings to this world.πŸ’•

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Meowing is the normal communicative cat behavior.Tips to understand your cat’s language.

Every cat owner knows that one of the ways that cats use to communicate more frequently with us, is meowing. Although, this communicative cat behavior can be found in all cats, every single meow can convey a different message.

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Spiteful cat behavior? Read my cat tips to get informed about what it might mean.


Cats don’t know what it means to spite someone, nor would be able to act voluntarily to punish people by naughty cat behavior. Felines can’t do such complex thoughts at all.
…so, why our cats tend to be a little … or very naughty sometimes??? Read my cat tips, that might help you understand the reasons that made your cat adopting a spiteful  behavior.

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What does the common cat behavior of licking or biting Β human hair mean?πŸ€”

It is a typical behavior of many felines to lick or bite their owner’s hair. It sounds strange but some cats might even lick or bite also their owner’s beard. Have you ever try to understand the reasons of this strange cat behavior that sometimes is particularly annoying? Read my cat tips to limit, or eliminate if possible your lovie’s disturbing habbit.

For cats, licking hair of humans is simply love and affection.Have you ever noticed that it is common for cats living together to clean up with each other? In the same way,when your cat adopts the behavior of licking your hair, it tries to show you that it loves you. Usually, my cat starts to lick my hair when I am lying on my bed or resting my head on my couch. In other words, some typical positions that a cat might consider as appropriate and favorable to carry out the “cleansing“.

However, it is necessary to distinguish licking  and biting cat behaviors. If your cat starts to bite your hair it could be a sign of a desire to play with you.But I know that after a while, this game can be very disturbing.

What tips do you need to follow in order to stop this annoying behavior ?

When we understand the inner reasons of this cat behavior, it is normal to feel a little flattered, but still this behavior is annoying when we can’t watch t.v., work in our computer or sleep.
The best tip to convince  your cat that you don’t need “cleansing”, is to move away when it starts to do it. Have you noticed that when your cat doesn’t want to be disturbed by your carreses , goes in another room inside the house? It is a typical cat behavior  when it feels bothered,so if you do the same when you feel disturbed,it will understand it as a no.

However,be careful because if your cat has cultivate this behavior since when it was a baby kitten, its impossible for you to take away its habbit by just moving away.

Cat behavior patterns reflect happiness. Tips to recognize if your lovie is happy.

The best tip for understanding if your lovie is happy is to observe its cat behavior and interpret the following typical signs of a happy feline.

Nice to see you

It is a typical behavior of a feline that  is happy to see you, to place its tail upwards,while the maximum in terms of happiness is a tail upright and with a little curl at the end.

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